We’ve been helping customers process milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and many other dairy products for a long, long, time.

A&B has been engineering, fabricating and installing stainless steel process systems for the dairy industry throughout the U.S. for more than three decades. In fact, our Wisconsin-based company grew up serving the dairy industry, and we’re still located in the heart of America’s Dairyland. Through the years, we have built strong reputations with many of America’s leading dairy product companies as well as hundreds of smaller cheese factories and entrepreneurs eager to earn those first blue ribbons for premium dairy products.

Our knowledgeable team of process and mechanical engineers, certified welders and project managers understands the unique challenges you face in the dairy industry. We will work closely with you during every phase of your project to make sure that your new A&B process system not only complies to the extensive regulations you are subjected to--but also optimizes production, water and energy control to help you deliver the highest quality, safest and most efficiently produced dairy products possible.

Services we provide to the dairy industry include but are not limited to…

Process Engineering
Custom Design and Fabrication
Automation and Controls
Factory Acceptance Testing
Start-up and Training

We will custom design any type of process system or equipment you may need, but here are some of the typical products and systems we provide to the dairy industry

Process Modules
Tanks and Vessels
Standard Tanks
Clean-In-Place Systems
Thermal Systems and Pasteurization
Batching and Blending Systems
Melt Systems
Fluid Transfer Options
Cutting and Conveying Equipment
Components and Finishing
VacuShear® Vacuum Liquid Processing Systems
Sanitary Piping Systems
Jacketed Piping Systems
Mix Tanks
Storage Systems
HTST and Vat Pasteurization
Transfer/Utility Panels
Modular Process Systems
Water Filtration
Water and Wastewater Management
Cleaning Solution Regeneration Systems
Flavor Vats