Process Engineering

We will collaborate with you to gain insight into your project’s unique needs…before our engineering begins!

Our experienced engineers respect your vision and will assume responsibility for the complex details of multi-phase projects, including assessment of existing process systems or equipment, system design, automation, documentation to support validation and one-on-one start-up training.

You can count on us to manage the details of your process system project from start to finish so you can focus on what you do best to make your business successful.

At A&B, we typically provide these important pre-engineering services:

  • An assessment of the characteristics of a process system, the flow rates, the pressures required and the particular seismic zone when custom designing a process system or components that are compliant with 3-A, USDA, cGMP, ASME (U&R), BPE, FDA and API regulations.
  • Conceptual P&ID drawings and system architecture.
  • Assurance that what you envision is our vision by giving you 3-D drawings.
  • Complete cost estimate, labor and materials reports and detailed process line, area and room reports.
  • Ergonomic, energy efficient, safe and easy-to-use solutions.

A&B offers these process engineering services:

  • Process design
  • Batching/Blending
    • VacuShear – Vacu Powder Mix System
  • Heat Treatment
    • HTST (High Temperature Short Time)
    • UHT (Ultra High Temperature)
  • CIP (clean-in-place) systems
  • Sizing Heat Exchangers
  • Melt Systems
  • Process Modules design

  We also offer the following consultation services:

  • We will visit your site to identify needs and offer alternative approaches that improve performance, safety and cost savings
  • We will help you determine product quality standards, regulatory requirements and workplace safety
  • We provide accurate project estimates and timelines, including budgetary costs of installation

       For final design, A&B provides two options:

  • You  may bring your final design to A&B, and we will fabricate the system based upon the provided design.
  • A&B may work with you throughout the design process, seek final design approval, and then begin the process.