A&B offers the most comprehensive documentation in the industry.

When you work with A&B, we will provide you with thorough documentation during every phase of your project from concept to installation and start-up. This is your assurance that every critical safety specification you require has, in fact, been accounted for.

Specifically you’ll receive:

  • Documentation that
    • assists with validation efforts
    • assists you throughout the multi-phase project
    • helps you visualize and track the project
    • assists in the turnkey start-up, maintenance and use of the process system
  • Standard documentation that includes
    • Owner’s Instruction Manual
    • Automation Operators Manual (when applicable)
    • Bill of Materials – Mechanical and Automation
    • Supplied Component Manuals – Mechanical (valves, pumps, etc.) and Automation Main Assembly and Automation Drawings (as built) B Size Fold Out
    • Automation Program Pin Charts (when applicable)
    • ASME Manufacturer’s Data Report (standard on ASME Code Stamped items only)
  • Documentation for the following:
    • tanks and vessels
    • modular process systems
    • process engineering
    • Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Tests
    • sanitary piping, fittings and welding
    • process components
    • instrumentation and automation
    • structural engineering
    • non-destructive testing
    • spare parts

A&B also offers a special Pharmaceutical Documentation Package:

A&B has compiled the following list of documentation we typically provide to the pharmaceutical industry. However, if you don’t see the specific documentation you need on this list, rest assured we will work with you to meet any other pharmaceutical specifications and documentation requirements.

  • Quality Control Manual
  • ASME Manufacturers Data Report
  • Passivation Procedures and Testing
  • Riboflavin Procedures and Testing
  • Electropolishing Procedures and Testing
  • Weld Procedures
  • Weld Procedure Qualifications
  • Welder Performance Qualifications
  • Mill Test Reports
  • Ra Sheets
  • Daily Logs for Orbital Welds
  • Cleaning & Hydro Testing Procedures and Testing
  • Design Calculations
  • Boroscope (video)
  • Complete Sets of Drawings
  • Weld Mapping
  • Calibration Certificates
  • Dye Penetration Test
  • Argon Certificates
  • Slope Verification Documentation
  • Material Inspection for Ovality and Finish
  • Weld Etching
  • Purge Verification with an O2 Analyzer


An uncontrolled copy of A&B’s Quality Control Manual is available to customers upon request.