Jacketed Tubing

Control temperature with reliable jacketed tubing and fittings from A&B.

A&B offers you more than 30 years of expertise in the design, fabrication and installation of durable, easy-to-clean jacketed tubing (or piping) and fittings for the food, dairy and confectionery industries. We use stainless steel for most applications or we can use a more corrosion-resistant material such as AL6XN, Hastelloy®C22 or Hastelloy®276.if warranted.

At A&B, we can retrofit jacketed piping into your existing systems or install a completely new system if retrofitting is too costly. A representative of our engineering staff will be happy to assess your existing process system and estimate the relevant costs for each approach.  

To make the installation process as efficient as possible, we can provide pre-fabricated jacketed fittings and “ spool” piping and then apply insulation as needed at the project site.

Finally, we always design an adequate number of “union” fittings into your A&B jacketed tubing so it’s easy to disassemble in the case of a catastrophic failure of your heating media delivery system.