Material Finishing

A&B can polish your large diameter stainless steel tubing and more.

A&B can polish both the interior and exterior surfaces of your piping and other components to help you achieve the product purity, worker safety and aesthetics requirements you need.

In fact, our proprietary material finishing capabilities now enable us to polish the interiors of piping and tubing with large diameters up 12 OD. Many other manufacturers cannot effectively finish large size stainless steel tubes.

When we finish your material, we can use chemical, mechanical and electropolishing treatments and can ensure strict adherence to 3-A standards if required. Our mechanical treatments typically use 120, 150, or 180/220 grit to ensure the level of smoothness you require. Our chemical treatments, which remove surface scale and other discolorations, are mixtures of aqueous solutions of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid or a solution of citric acid. For high purity requirements, you’ll want to take advantage of A&B’s proven electropolishing expertise.

Why worry about the interior smoothness of your piping?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider using A&B’s advanced interior polishing capabilities for your next project. Our polishing expertise can help you:

  • Minimize the number of sites for microbial growth
  • Reduce turbulence in the fluid flow
  • Minimize adherence of particulate matter to the surface
  • Allow more efficient and reproducible cleaning and disinfection.

Talk to you’re A&B sales representative the next time you need interior or exterior polishing. Upon request, A&B can provide you with a “Surface Finish Cross Reference Chart” that conveniently displays the range of surface conditions we can achieve. This chart tabulates grit numbers Ra and Rmax values for various USA finishes, ISO numbers and ASTM and Japanese standards.