Melt Systems

Melt Systems Reduce Lifting and Improve Worker Safety

A&B Process Systems designs and fabricates ergonomically-designed, self-contained industrial and sanitary melt systems to reduce manual lifting and dumping, and improve employee safety, via the unique integration of product delivery (conveyor systems), melt stations and use stations. Our systems also include many other special features to ensure easy maintenance and reduced labor. Our melt systems are ideal for melting butter, lard, chocolate, gums and other solid products, as well as product reclaim and rework applications. All or our A&B Process Systems melt systems undergo rigid testing and meet all 3-A, USDA, cGMP, ASME (U&R) and FDA standards.

Other options offered are:

  • two-stage melt systems for applications where a fully-melted product reservoir is desired; in select applications, the reservoir agitation systems can be eliminated
  • industrial and sanitary designs with or without Clean-In-Place(CIP) integration
  • custom scrape surface agitators