Platforms, Catwalks and More

Stainless Steel Platforms, Stairs, Catwalks, and Handrails Provide Easy Access

A&B Process Systems designs, fabricates and installs a wide variety of stainless steel accessories for our process systems – stainless steel platforms, stairs, handrails, mezzanines and catwalks. We also design and fabricate stainless steel hygienic platforms used with our sanitary process systems.

These products improve access to the process system which allows for safer and more efficient operation. A&B Process Systems designs access accessories to meet your specific requirements and OSHA specifications.

The materials we use in the fabrication of our stainless steel platforms, catwalks, stairs and handrails include:

  • stainless steel square tubing
  • stainless steel piping
  • stainless steel bar grating
  • stainless steel diamond plate
  • fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating
  • carbon steel